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Male’, Maldives, 4th March 2024 – Celebrating the fusion of art, fashion, and Maldivian charm, SO/ Maldives is set to host the much-anticipated Grand Opening Party of its exquisite island runway on March 23, 2024. Titled “An Invite to the Front Row,” this event promises a soirée of collaborative elegance, offering guests an unforgettable glamorous experience amidst the beauty of Emboodhoo Lagoon.

The Grand Opening Party will be a sensory feast, combining fashion-forward statements, avant-garde design, culinary excellence, artistic flair, exclusive wellness retreats, and a musical journey against the breathtaking backdrop of the Maldives.

Collaboration Highlights:


SO/ Maldives will unveil its inaugural fashion show, transforming its Island Couture into an oceanfront runway. The event will showcase the swimwear collection debut by esteemed Thai fashion house Milin, harmoniously blending haute couture with the paradisiacal setting.

Advocating local talent and culture, SO/ Maldives proudly partners with Riffath, a distinguished Maldivian High Fashion Brand, launching its exclusive SO/Maldives Flying Dress Edits. Guests can indulge in bespoke photo and drone shooting sessions adorned in stunning gowns with extended hems, crafted by Riffath in collaboration with Timeless Maldives photo studio.

Beach Takeover:

Veuve Clicquot Champagne house will glam up the Lazuli Beach Club Bar for an exquisite evening against the stunning canvas of the Maldivian sunset and pristine shores. Renowned Chef Dharshan Munidasa will craft a menu defying conventional boundaries, while award-winning bartender Jenna Hemsworth will showcase her creativity in crafting expertly curated cocktails.

Musical Bliss:

A series of live performances by world-class musicians and DJs will amplify the celebration. Guests can groove to the innovative beats of leading Maldivian bands, enjoy captivating serenades by Thai sensation Lydia Sarunrat Deane, and dance under the stars to the electrifying sounds of DJ Karrouhat from Dubai.

Exclusive Wellness & Fitness Retreats:

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with week-long detox and fun sessions by Jumping® Fitness, originating from the Czech Republic. Additionally, SO/ Maldives will introduce new spa experiences in collaboration with London-based wellness partner Salon C. Stellar, promising ultimate rejuvenation.

Earth Hour:

SO/ Maldives invites guests to an eco-conscious revelry, embracing nature and celebration. Witness as the island runway dims, unveiling a beach bonfire beneath the starlit sky, accompanied by rhythmic beats of Maldivian Boduberu.

Culinary Feast:

Savour a lavish beach buffet under the stars, celebrating luxury and culinary delight.

Jesper Soerensen, General Manager of SO/ Maldives, expressed his excitement, stating, “An Invite to the Front Row encapsulates the essence of SO/ Maldives—a convergence of global excellence set against the unparalleled beauty of our island. We extend an exclusive invitation to our guests to join us on this extraordinary journey with incredible collaborations providing them a truly glamorous stay while embracing our DNA.”

Secure your villa starting from US$1300+++. Elevate your stay with a half-board package on the island runway and join the Grand Opening Party, celebrating unparalleled elegance and fashion-forward finesse.

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