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Male’, Maldives, 8th March 2024 – Ms. Fathmath Thaufeeq, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO & MD) of the Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC/ Visit Maldives), reiterated the government’s commitment to responsible and inclusive tourism development while addressing attendees at the Maldives Media Meet during ITB Berlin 2024.

During her speech, Thaufeeq unveiled the Maldives’ remarkable success in the tourism sector, surpassing pre-pandemic levels in 2023 with over 1.8 million visitors, an achievement that stands as a record-breaking milestone in global tourism recovery. She highlighted February 2024 as another testament to this success, with the month witnessing the highest monthly and daily arrivals in the country’s tourism history.

Acknowledging the changing preferences of travelers, Thaufeeq explained that MMPRC is actively introducing initiatives to promote new tourism segments such as cultural, sports, and medical tourism, catering to a broader range of interests and fostering a more diverse tourism landscape. She also underscored MMPRC’s efforts to fortify existing segments like nautical tourism, ensuring that the Maldives remains a premier destination catering to various travel styles.

Expanding on her remarks, CEO & MD Fathmath Thaufeeq mentioned that the government intends to increase the availability of transit hotels in Male and Hulhumale, specifically catering to short-stay travelers and stopovers. These hotels will provide fresh and distinctive experiences within the lively city communities. Additionally, she highlighted that this initiative will pave the way for a wider array of unique products and experiences tailored to short-stay and stopover tourists, including those embarking on working holidays.

According to the CEO & MD, development efforts are expanding to the southernmost regions of the Maldives, with initiatives that promise not only economic benefits but also positive impacts on local communities in the south. Visit Maldives has spearheaded this endeavor by launching the Visit Maldives’ Atolls website segment, dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of stay options, services, and unique experiences available in each atoll.

Furthermore, she highlighted President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s government’s special program aimed at increasing women’s employment in the tourism sector. CEO & MD Fathmath Thaufeeq expressed her pride in being the first female CEO & MD of MMPRC and leading a board with a majority female composition, including the Chairperson. This serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to empowering women in this pivotal sector.

CEO & MD Fathmath Thaufeeq wrapped up her speech by inviting everyone to visit the Maldives and witness the firsthand effects of these initiatives. “We are confident in the future of Maldivian tourism and its potential to create a lasting impact on the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere,” she stated.

Photo credits | Visit Maldives

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