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Male’, Maldives, 13th March 2024 – Jawakara Maldives emerges as a haven of luxury amidst the stunning landscapes of the Maldives archipelago. Seamlessly blending traditional Maldivian hospitality with modern comforts, Jawakara offers guests an unparalleled island retreat. With pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, the resort sets the stage for both relaxation and adventure.

The resort features a collection of exquisite overwater villas and beachfront accommodations meticulously designed to offer supreme comfort and seclusion. Guests can immerse themselves in a variety of recreational pursuits, from snorkeling and diving to captivating sunset cruises and beachfront dining experiences.

Spanning two interconnected islands, Jawakara offers a diverse array of accommodations to suit every preference. From lavish overwater pool villas to spacious two-bedroom and three-bedroom options, guests are spoiled for choice. Culinary delights await at the resort’s eclectic dining venues, offering Teppanyaki, Asian cuisine, Mediterranean delicacies, and international buffets, ensuring a gastronomic journey for every palate.

For relaxation and rejuvenation, guests can indulge in spa treatments with Ayurvedic options, participate in thrilling water sports, explore the vibrant underwater world through scuba diving, or unwind in the games rooms and various outdoor sports facilities. With its blend of luxurious accommodations, diverse dining options, and extensive recreational facilities, Jawakara Islands offers an unparalleled vacation experience for every guest.

A Tennis and Padel Escape into Paradise

In collaboration with LUX Tennis, a premier tennis management company connecting past and present tennis and padel professionals with top luxury resorts, Jawakara Islands Maldives introduces an exclusive tennis and padel program designed to elevate guests’ skills against the backdrop of a stunning beachfront setting. The resort boasts a tennis court and three padel courts, two of which are covered, ensuring continuous play throughout the day.

Through this partnership, guests can enjoy personalized coaching, structured practice sessions, and exciting tennis and padel-related events. Tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels, these offerings aim to enhance guests’ abilities during their stay.

Whether guests prefer one-on-one coaching, group sessions led by experienced ATP/WTA-level coaches, or participating in clinics, matches, exhibitions, or tournaments, LUX Tennis provides a diverse range of options. Professional guidance and personalized packages suitable for players of any level are available, catering to discerning travelers seeking a blend of sports and leisure amidst the breathtaking Maldivian scenery.

Afonso Matias, a distinguished LUX Tennis Professional hailing from Portugal, leads the resort’s tennis and padel tennis program in collaboration with LUX Tennis. With over a decade of experience and a background in competitive tennis, Afonso brings a wealth of expertise to Jawakara Islands Maldives, ensuring an unforgettable sports experience for guests amidst paradise.

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