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Male’, Maldives, 14th March 2024 – On March 1st, Kuramathi Eco Centre and Rasdhu Blue Tide Swimming School united forces to organize an educational event aimed at nurturing a love for marine life and environmental conservation among children aged 5-12. This joint endeavor stemmed from a shared dedication to safeguarding our oceans and educating future generations about the significance of marine conservation.

The day commenced with an enthralling presentation on manta rays, captivating the children’s interest and igniting their curiosity about these captivating creatures. The young participants exhibited palpable enthusiasm as they absorbed information about the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants. The agenda expanded to include a discussion on the sperm whale skeleton housed at the Eco Centre, enriching the children’s comprehension of marine biodiversity and the intricate interconnections within ocean ecosystems.

The event’s highlight was a snorkeling adventure, where students aged 8-12 donned their gear to explore the underwater realm alongside manta rays. Meanwhile, younger children aged 5-7 remained at Kuramathi Eco Centre, where they had the opportunity to observe plankton through a microscope under the guidance of Mohammed Aleem, Senior Eco Centre Coordinator. This hands-on activity provided them with a deeper appreciation for the exquisite beauty of marine life at a microscopic level.

Under the supervision of Sara Scroglieri, Resident Marine Biologist at Kuramathi, children not only snorkeled with manta rays but also actively participated in collecting plankton samples for further examination under the microscope. This immersive experience not only evoked a sense of wonder but also instilled a profound sense of responsibility towards safeguarding our oceans and marine ecosystems.

The organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to all participants and speakers for their invaluable contributions to the event’s success. Each participant received a certificate of participation, symbolizing their dedication to marine conservation and environmental stewardship.

Kuramathi Eco Centre and Rasdhu Blue Tide Swimming School take pride in having inspired and empowered the next generation of environmental champions. They eagerly anticipate continuing their collaborative efforts to protect our oceans for generations to come.

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