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Male’, Maldives, 18th March 2024 – In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives organized a special event dedicated to promoting inclusion, empowerment, and the accomplishments of women, while also highlighting the vibrant culture of the Maldives.

Taking place on March 8th, 2024, the event featured a series of workshops showcasing various industries led by local women in the Maldives. Attendees were treated to a therapeutic art session and indulged in delectable snacks and drinks throughout the celebration.

One of the highlights of the event was the spotlight on the traditional attire of Maldivians, known as Kasabu Libaas, which translates to “dress.” Particularly captivating was the Kasabu boavalhu, the intricately embroidered part of the dress that adorns the neckline, featuring a fading technique called Kasabu Viyun. The unique process involves the use of a short wooden vase-like structure known as a Gathaa Fai.

Another fascinating aspect of Maldivian culture showcased at the event was the art of weaving, known as “Thundu Kunaa Viyun” or reed mat weaving. Originating from Gadhdhoo island, this traditional art form is considered a dying practice due to its time-consuming nature, with one large mat taking approximately one month to weave. Despite its decline, the event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the rich history of local culture and the vital role that women play in upholding the economy through their contributions.


In addition to the workshops, guests were treated to a delightful selection of canapes and Women’s Day-inspired drinks. A therapeutic art workshop, led by resident artist “Kadek,” allowed guests to explore their creativity and express themselves through the language of art, providing a relaxing outlet to relieve stress.

Raffaele Solferino, General Manager of the resort, expressed his pride in being part of a culture where women contribute significantly in various ways. He emphasized the resort’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and eliminating gender barriers by providing equal opportunities for women in the workplace and ensuring heightened privacy for female guests.

This event exemplifies Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives’ dedication to promoting and uplifting females and local talent. The resort remains committed to providing guests with authentic experiences that allow them to connect with the local culture and community.

For more information about Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives and its initiatives, visit their website or contact reservations.

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