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Male’, Maldives, 31st March 2024 – Bank of Maldives has taken a significant step in facilitating international transactions by enabling transactions on previously blocked foreign merchants, including selected money transfer platforms and digital wallets.

Today, customers can utilize Bank of Maldives’ Visa USD Credit Card or Mastercard Prepaid USD Travel Card to seamlessly send and receive funds through these platforms. Additionally, customers can also leverage BML-issued Debit cards with a USD account as the primary account to send money to these merchants.

Karl Stumke, CEO of Bank of Maldives, emphasized the importance of supporting freelancers and small merchants who rely on overseas payments for their livelihoods. He expressed delight in enabling this service for customers, marking another milestone in enhancing the banking and payment experience.

This move by Bank of Maldives comes as a boon for individuals engaged in global transactions, offering them greater flexibility and convenience in managing their finances. By opening access to these online foreign money transfer platforms and digital wallets, Bank of Maldives aligns with the evolving needs of its customers, providing them with enhanced financial services tailored to their requirements.

The decision underscores Bank of Maldives’ commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, as it continues to evolve its offerings to meet the changing demands of the modern banking landscape. As the banking industry embraces digitalization and globalization, Bank of Maldives remains at the forefront, empowering customers with seamless access to international financial services.

For further information or inquiries regarding these new services, customers are encouraged to contact Bank of Maldives through their official channels.

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