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Male’, Maldives, 23rd April 2024 – Soneva Soul, the esteemed wellness sanctuary nestled in the serene landscapes of the Maldives, has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the inaugural and exclusive provider of stem cell therapy in the Maldives. This pioneering approach to wellness is rooted in the principle of ‘lifestyle evolution’, aimed at empowering guests to attain optimal health and well-being.

With the introduction of stem cell therapy, Soneva Soul has expanded its repertoire of bespoke health and wellness services. Operating under the necessary approvals from the Maldives Food and Drug Authority and upholding world-class standards, the resort is now equipped to deliver targeted treatments and protocols utilizing the remarkable power and potential of stem cells.

The stem cells utilized in their treatments are sourced from Cellcolabs, a Sweden-based biotech company dedicated to enhancing global access to stem cell treatments. Founded on two decades of research at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Cellcolabs specializes in the high-quality production of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

Stem Cell Treatments Offered at Soneva Soul:

  1. Intra-Articular Orthopedic Injections: Stem cells are injected into a targeted area, stimulating the body’s natural ability to repair damaged tissue and expedite recovery.
  2. Topical Application (with Micro-Needling): By safely creating micro-channels to the skin’s surface, this treatment allows for deeper penetration of stem cells into the skin layers, promoting regeneration and revealing smooth, refreshed skin with long-lasting results.
  3. IV Systemic Stem Cell Infusions: Stem cell infusions aid in reducing inflammation, promoting tissue regeneration, and enhancing immune function.
  4. Intradermal Injections: Stem cells can be utilized for various aesthetic purposes, including skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, collagen production enhancement, and hair restoration.

Soneva Soul boasts a dedicated team of on-site doctors and therapists with extensive international experience and expertise in stem cell treatments. Collaborating closely with each guest, they tailor entirely bespoke pathways to genuine health and wellness. To ensure eligibility for any stem cell treatment, a complimentary consultation with their Integrative Medical team is required.

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