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Male’, Maldives, 29th April 2024 – The Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives has announced a significant rise in tourist arrivals to the country this year, reaching a total of 728,000 visitors. According to statistics provided by the ministry, this marks a notable increase of approximately 13% compared to the same period last year, when tourist arrivals stood at 644,000.

China has secured the top position as the leading tourist market, with 77,000 arrivals, followed closely by the UK with 72,600 tourists, and Russia with 72,300 tourist arrivals.

Contrary to the previous year, where India led in tourist arrivals, this year India currently ranks sixth in the list of top tourist markets to the Maldives, with a total of 40,000 tourists arriving from India.

The highest number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives so far this year was recorded in February, with a total of 217,392 arrivals. January saw 192,000 tourists arriving, while March witnessed 194,000 tourist arrivals. As of the current month, 124,000 tourists have arrived.

Despite the optimistic increase in tourist arrivals, there has been a decline in the average duration of tourists’ stay in the country over the past month. Presently, tourists spend an average of seven and a half days in the Maldives.

In 2023, a total of 1.8 million tourists visited the Maldives, and the government aims to attract two million tourists to the country this year.

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