Male’, Maldives, 30th April 2024 – Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal, hailing from Fonadhoo, has pledged to lead the development initiatives in Laamu Atoll, unveiling ambitious plans to establish four resorts and transform Gan-Fonadhoo into a city.

The commitment came during a celebratory event commemorating his father, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, who secured a seat in the 20th Parliamentary elections held on Tuesday.

Faisal elaborated on the government’s vision, which includes developing four resorts under the ‘One Island’ concept. He disclosed that the initial lease agreement would be with a Dubai-based company, with construction of the first resort set to commence within the lagoon of L. Maafaru island.

Expressing confidence in the project’s timeline, Faisal estimated a completion window of 2-3 years, expressing optimism in the successful execution of the Baresdhoo project under the current administration.

Addressing infrastructure upgrades, Faisal revealed plans to elevate Kahdhoo Airport into an international hub, with plans for jet parking facilities in the subsequent phase. Emphasizing a tourism-centric approach, he reiterated the alignment of the atoll with the ‘One Island’ concept.

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