Male’, Maldives, 25th June 2024 – In a significant boost to Maldivian tourism, Chongqing Airline commenced direct flights to the Maldives yesterday, adding to the growing connectivity between the island nation and China. The airline will operate three flights a week, arriving on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, enhancing travel options for Chinese tourists.

The inaugural flight of Chongqing Airline touched down with 82 passengers, marking it as the fourth Chinese airline to establish scheduled routes to the Maldives. This follows the footsteps of Beijing Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines, which have already been facilitating direct travel between the two countries. Earlier this year, Xiamen Airlines also operated chartered flights, while China Southern Airlines chartered several trips last year.

The Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has welcomed this new addition, underscoring the significance of Chinese tourists to the local economy. With over 113,000 Chinese tourists visiting the Maldives so far this year, they represent 12 percent of the total tourist arrivals. This surge has contributed to a 10 percent increase in overall tourist arrivals compared to 2023, with the Maldives recording a total of 980,000 visitors this year.

In addition to Chinese carriers, Hong Kong Airlines has also been operating direct flights to the Maldives, further solidifying the region’s connectivity to the archipelago. The strategic increase in flight options aligns with the Maldives’ efforts to accommodate the rising influx of tourists from China, a vital market for its tourism industry.

As direct flights from Chongqing Airline take off, the Maldives continues to strengthen its position as a preferred destination for Chinese travelers, promising a vibrant future for the tourism sector.

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