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Male’, Maldives, 30th June 2024 – Ooredoo Maldives, in collaboration with Freediving Instructors International (FII), is set to host an exclusive event aimed at enhancing safety practices within the Maldivian freediving community. The session, titled “Safe Beneath the Surface: Freediving Safety Session with a World Champion,” will take place on July 3, 2024, at 8:00 PM at Ooredoo Maldives Headquarters in Hulhumale’.

The event will feature presentations by two distinguished speakers from FII, the first and only recreational freediving education agency in the United States renowned for its stringent safety standards.

Martin Stepanek, a 13-time World Record freediver, will lead the session. Stepanek is one of the most accomplished freedivers in the world, having reached depths of over 400 feet on a single breath. His extensive research with top institutions like Harvard University and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has significantly advanced the understanding of freediving physiology.

Joining him will be Errol, a celebrated freediving instructor from Toronto, Canada, who has been involved in the sport from a young age. He has collaborated closely with Stepanek to develop freediving curricula, including FII’s Junior Freediver program. Errol’s expertise in both recreational and professional freediving instruction has made him a sought-after instructor globally.

Khalid Al Hamadi, MD and CEO of Ooredoo Maldives, expressed the company’s commitment to community well-being, stating, “At Ooredoo Maldives, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that enhance safety and health within our communities. This freediving safety session represents a significant step towards ensuring that our growing community of freedivers can enjoy their passion safely. We are honored to partner with FII and bring world-class expertise to the Maldives.”

Martin Stepanek, Founder of FII, emphasized the importance of safety in freediving, saying, “Freediving is a magnificent and demanding sport that requires not only physical and mental prowess but also a profound understanding of safety protocols. Through this event, we aim to equip the Maldivian freediving community with the essential knowledge and skills for safe and confident diving. We are grateful to Ooredoo Maldives for helping us share our expertise and contribute to the advancement of safe freediving practices in the beautiful Maldives.”

This event underscores a shared commitment to promoting safety and education within the Maldivian freediving community, ensuring that enthusiasts can pursue their passion with confidence and security.

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