The Spanish Government is planning to lift the two weeks quarantine condition from July 1st to welcome tourist arrivals.

Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez tweeted stating that the worst is behind them and the country will be gradually opening Spain to international tourists in July. She also reassured that tourists will receive the highest standard of health safety.

Furthermore, during a press conference, Government spokesperson Maria Jesus has also stated that the country seeks international consensus on the free movement of travellers at least from the countries that has highest tourist arrivals. The Minister added that rather than bilateral deal with various countries they seek an agreement with Schengen countries.

The shares of the multinational travel and tourism company TUI leaps up more than 50% with the news of Spain welcoming tourist into the country in July. Other big gainers include British Airways with an increase of by 22.5%, EasyJet up by 19.3%. Ryanair shares also climbed by almost 12% after confirming plans to resume 40% of its normal schedule from July.

The country usually attracts 80 million people annually with tourism accounted for 12% of GDP and even a bigger share of jobs.

Spain has recorded 28,752 coronavirus deaths and 235,772 cases. However, there has been a sharp drop in fatalities and new cases during the past weeks.

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