The Maldives has officially announced that the country will be opening to tourists in July 2020. A statement was released by the Ministry of Tourism confirming that the Maldives will reopen their borders for visitors.

The Ministry of Tourism assured that no additional fees will be charged from the visitors entering the country. Moreover, Minister Ali Waheed has also previously confirmed that all the WHO guidelines will be followed to ensure the safety of the tourists.

In addition, the Tourism Ministry has already drafted “Maldives Safe Tourism Guidelines on 19th May 2020. According to the Ministry, these guidelines will be finalised before June 1, after revising with industry stakeholders.

The Maldives is reopening after 3 months of suspension of on-arrival visa since its lockdown on 27 March 2020.  The Maldives with its majority of income generated from the tourism industry has suffered a great economic loss due to the coronavirus restriction measures. However, these strict measures were taken by the Government with the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of its citizen.

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