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This summer Briton’s are choosing to stay inland because it is “too risky” to travel abroad and many are saving their money for an extra special getaway in 2021.

UK holidaymakers are opting for caravans this summer, with many planning staycations and saving up for an “extra special” holiday in the Maldives.

Travel firm Kouni reported that there is an “clear upturn” in booking for the year 2021 with more than 50 percent of the customers making bookings to visit Maldives, the island nation renowned for the most beautiful beaches.

As many countries are still distressed and is recovering from the Corona Pandemic, Britons are not ready to travel for summer as it is still “too risky”.

Apart from Maldives, there is an I crease in sales for Mauritius, Thailand, Spain and India. Kuoni confirmed that last Saturday was the best day for booking since the country went on lockdown due to spread of corona virus.

The Foreign Office and Commonwealth Office had advised the people not to travel overseas if its non-essential. There is also a 14-day quarantine policy for international arrivals already put in place from Monday onwards for control measures.

Kuoni Chief Executive Derek Jones said: “Bookings for the Maldives are outperforming every other destination we sell around the world, currently accounting for 56% of bookings for 2021.

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