The Tourism Ministry of Maldives has announced the facilitation of ‘split stay’ between resorts, which will allow tourists to visit multiple resorts during their stay in the Maldives.

The ‘split stay’ is aimed to encourage and allow tourists to experience more than one resort and to enable longer stays in the Maldives during their holidays. It is only permitted between resorts that meet all compulsory requirements under the ‘split stay guideline’ approved by HPA. The request for approval of ‘split stays’ must be submitted to the Tourism Ministry two days prior to the traveling date.

According to the statement, the decision was made by the Ministry of Tourism in consultation with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) at the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC).

Initially, with the reopening of the international borders on July 15, tourists were only allowed to book their entire stay in one registered establishment.

Tourists traveling to the Maldives are not subjected to any quarantine measures upon arrival and does not require to submit medical test results to enter the country.

Travelers are only required to;

  • Confirmed prior booking in a registered tourist facility
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Submit online health declaration form (IMUGA form), within 24hrs prior to your departure to the Maldives 

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