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Maldives Association Of Tourism Industry (MATI) has endorsed the International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) 2020, which is set to be held virtually on the 16th and 17th of November 2020 (updated on 21st October 2020). MATI has support IMTM for the past two years of its event fair.

MATI is an NGO, which has been established since the introduction of the Tourism Industry in the Maldives. In the three decades of its service, MATI has coordinated with the government and liaise with the organizations locally and internationally to solidify their member’s services and operations in the Tourism sector. The Association coordinates with all mandatory government policy making bodies and organizations, to take part in all the related activities of the MATI members.

The Association fosters its existence throughout these years by engaging in these activities by being active on research based works, as well as promoting and raising awareness on behalf of the association members. MATI raises its concerns over government policies for the members as well as the Tourism industry as a whole. The association represents the industry and its employees internationally and locally by attending different seminars, organizing and providing research and professional consultation to the needed bodies.

IMTM is a B2B international travel and trade fair held in the Maldives. The platform brings together international buyers (Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Destination Management Companies, and PR Companies) from around the world to liaise with the local accommodation providers (Resorts, Hotels, Guesthouses, Liveaboards, Dive Centers, Local Tour Operators and Travel Agents) of Maldives.  

IMTM 2020 is the third of its edition and the first virtual B2B exhibition to be held on the travel and tourism industry in the Maldives. It offers the opportunity to conduct business virtually, equipping stakeholders with a tool to Reconnect, Revive, and Grow the business. 

Online Registration is available via the IMTM website: 

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