Resort Life Travel celebrates its 14th anniversary in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry of Maldives.

Since establishment, Resort Life Travel has been providing a smooth and efficient service that would encompass solutions to all travel-related requirements, thus ensuring that clients can enjoy a stress-free vacation while experiencing the finest that the Maldives has to offer.

Managing Director, Mr. Shaaz Waleed stated, “14 years ago was a different time, waiting at the airport to have a client, and now after 14 years my team is at the airport to receive influencers and celebrities in order to promote the Maldives”.  

As a leading inbound tour operator with 12 years of experience in the Maldivian tourism industry, they hold offices based in Ukraine & India, with their main head office located in the Maldives. To provide regional partners with an effective and efficient service, their service portfolio spans across all major hotel brands of the Maldives to ensure that holidaymakers enjoy the true Maldives.

Shaaz Waleed, Founder & CEO of RLT stated, “Over the years, I have been focusing my energy on developing and unfolding the vision of Resort Life Travel to meet the market demands despite shifting industry pitfalls. I have always envisioned positive change with every difficult time. Maldives attracts a vast number of travelers from Europe, CIS, Asia, and the Middle East and we are here to take pride in being the leading service provider catering to the markets. With the backing of our partners, we have opened our doors to travelers coming in from different parts of the world. Resort Life Travel plays a proactive role in the Maldivian tourism industry. We have vested our resources and expertise promoting the Maldives as a brand. We are committed to create and add value to this brand at all times,”

“As the Managing Director of the company, my concern is my team, knowing if they had their daily dose of rest, or if they had good breakfast are simple things that matter to me. What makes Resort Life Travel distinctive is my team’s wellness, their smile, and laughter. We are a team that brings joy and happiness to a busy day of work. Our happiness is contagious, we have a tendency to transfer a smile to our clients and partners every day.”

RLT was created with the intention of assisting global partners to meet all their travel-related requirements. By contracting with all major resort brands, local resort chains, and hotels in the country, their expertise in the Maldivian tourism industry comes from the relationship and trust built over a decade with the Maldivian hoteliers. By building a close connection with clients, RLT allows them to create accuracy and effectiveness in satisfying their requirements.

RLT has built up a prominent presence in major travel fairs held in regions across the globe such as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. RLTs methodology in tourism promotion has been unique and stands out in every campaign.

Resort life Travel has supported the International Maldives Travel Marlet (IMTM) event by being a partner for 3 consecutive years, contributing to its success and its aim to directly connect international buyers with local accommodation providers. The company has been accountable for bringing valuable international tour operators and travel agents to the fair through its vast service portfolio of global partners.  

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