On 16 October 2020, Visit Maldives has successfully concluded a webinar series sessions in China, with its 10th and final session. The webinar series went on from 20th May to 16th October, to educate China travel trade partners and promote the Maldives as the most preferred tourist destination for Chinese Travelers.

From across China, 2370 travel agents participated in the sessions. The sessions began by providing detailed information about the Maldives’ tourism, tourism products, and Maldives’ Airlines to Chinese participants in the Chinese language, for the first 5 sessions. Due to the pandemic, the sessions focused on the regulations on travel to the Maldives as well. The remaining sessions allowed partners from the Maldives tourism industry to provide information about their products and services to the travel agents.

Each session focused on the interests of Chinese tourists, and Q&A sessions were conducted at the end of each webinar to address any inquiries the travel agents and participants may have had. The participants gave positive feedback, looking forward to future tourists travels to the Maldives.

The webinar sessions were one of many marketing campaigns launched by the Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), to promote the Maldives in numerous tourist markets. So far for the China Market, Visit Maldives has conducted several digital campaigns on Weibo and WeChat throughout the year, Outdoor Campaigns in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Outdoor Advertising in Beijing Capital Airport, participation in Luxury Resort 2020 roadshow by Runtour, launched an HTML Fishing Game on WeChat and several Media interviews. A Maldives online roadshow is to be launched in China, as well as launching china’s travel trade portal on WeChat, more social media promotions, travel trade joint campaign,s and several other marketing campaigns for the China Market.

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