Forbes’ List of 20 Best Places to Travel in 2021 has revealed the Maldives as one of the tourist destinations to visit in 2021.

The annual list released by Forbes, gathers top countries from around the world that emit appeal and enjoyment that travelers can visit for unique experiences. Right now, it may seem inconceivable to think about traveling abroad, due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions that have closed the borders of many countries. While many countries still remain off-limits, the Maldives have opened borders to welcome back travelers, after their luxury resorts and hotels have taken on all strict health and safety protocols to ensure the well being of their guests. All tourist establishments are doing their part to implement these procedures to make travel safer for tourists. 

“The Maldives isn’t a “new” destination, but in 2021 we anticipate it being more popular than ever,” says Julie Danziger of Embark Beyond. The reason? “Combine recent peace negotiations and incredible new hotels, along with the Maldives being the ultimate for seclusion, and it’s destined for a boom in 2021.” read the article. 

Since borders reopened in the Maldives on 15 July, tourist arrivals have steadily increased from countries, including Russia, Spain and Brazil. The Maldives have already taken all basic health and safety measures upon resuming tourism, through all resorts and hotels that have reopened. Many guest houses have also resumed operations upon adopting basic regulation requirements, due to the global pandemic. 

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