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Today, IMTM Pvt. Lt.d has officially announced the Fourth Edition of International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM), to be held on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd September 2021 virtually on their online B2B platform IMTMAir.

IMTM is a B2B international annual travel and trade fair sequel held in the Maldives, which brings forth a platform for leading international tour operators and travel agencies to explore opportunities in the Maldives; as well as connect with all of the accommodation providers of the Maldives Tourism Industry, including resorts, hotels, liveaboard, and guesthouses (local island tourism).

The third edition of IMTM was hosted on the IMTMAir platform, providing a virtual environment with endless business networking opportunities for the accommodation providers of the Maldives. This was their very own conferencing platform, which was developed to ensure security and create technological confidence.

The Managing Director of IMTM, Ms. Shiuna Khalid said, “We have listened to all, and based on the feedback, we are working to improve the online experience of the platform for our community. We are proud to bring forth a platform locally developed by our own in-house team. This took a lot of coordination and immense effort by the team, to bring a first-of-its-kind travel and trade platform designed and created by local minds.”

The Maldives has seen a significant rise in tourism with the strategic tourism recovery plan implemented by the Government, Ministry of Tourism, Maldives Marketing and Public Relation Corporation (MMPRC), and the industry stakeholders. The whole industry has been working tirelessly to revive travel, tourism, and hospitality. However, more work is yet to be done to bring back tourism to its full potential, which includes global coordination in strategic initiatives in tackling border openings, travel screenings, and especially control over the pandemic itself.

In the Maldives, the tourism sector is the leading provider of employment and other growth opportunities. It is a major source of income to the majority of locals and one of the economic pillars of the country empowering the development of the community. IMTM urges all the stakeholders to join hands in their effort to reconnect, revive and grow the industry together. The virtual exhibition is IMTM’s broader plan to reinforce the reopening of the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector to new markets.

Even though the challenges to adapt to the new ways of doing business are many, it is imperative for the industry stakeholders to work together and adapt to the current situation to transform the exhibition industry and take it to new heights. The local community of the travel and tourism domain must come together on a common platform to identify the challenges, find solutions and explore the opportunities to overcome the pandemic, thrive, and maintain sustainable growth of the Maldives tourism industry. Taking all the above into consideration, same as last year, the main objective of IMTM 2021 is to equip stakeholders with a tool to Reconnect, Revive, and Grow through mutual engagement.

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