Sri Lankan has announced that SriLankanCargo had carried a record-breaking one point two million kilograms of cargo from its network to Malé, Maldives, in the month of February 2021!
With the Maldives being one of the few open, and highly popular, island destinations in the world for travelers since the pandemic, high demand for perishable goods have been generated. Its island neighbor Sri Lanka supplies a large share of Maldives’ perishable needs, with cargo carried from Colombo to Malé exceeding 500 metric tonnes in the last month. Exports from the Maldives to Sri Lanka amounted to 188 Metric Tons on the route.
SriLankan remains firmly committed to supporting its neighborhood hub – Maldives’ – import and export needs, with a global cargo network that spans from #London to #Tokyo and #Sydney.

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