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World Oceans Day is held every year on 8th June to raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet. This year around, Meeru Island Resort & Spa is dedicating the whole month of June to celebrate the many wonders of the ocean. The island is using this month as an opportunity to increase awareness with in their guests and share their future plans and initiatives as well.

Kick starting the celebrations off with World Reef Awareness Day on June 2nd 2021, Meeru Island conducted an awareness session about the importance of coral reefs and an introduction to their very own Coral restoration project. The reef care project started in 2016 in association with save the beach, a Maldivian NGO –  after a coral bleaching incident that wiped out most of the reefs in the country. This project has paved a path of awareness, interest and conservation. Meeru Island Resort & Spa’s coral garden is one of the most well-known and successful coral restoration projects in the country.

Meeru’s Coral Garden is home to more than 22 types of sea creatures, which includes some rare species like the ghost pipefish and tetralia crab, known to defend the corals from predators. Their habitat is filled with turtles, rays and small reef sharks – making it the perfect place to take a quick dip to explore the beauty that the reef has to offer.

Currently, more than 3000 coral fragments of 14 different species have been planted in the garden, with an average growth of 7 centimeters per year. The Coral Garden Project is closely looked after by the skillful Meeru team, they are almost always seen monitoring the area, cleaning the algae or checking the temperatures to see if it’s ideal for the growing corals. Up to this date, five different methods of coral plantation has been used by the members in the coral garden.

The aim of Meeru Island has always been to help “regenerate reef segments, promote coral growth and provide guests with an enchanting underwater experience” in the lagoon at the same time as creating respect and building an understanding of the benefits of corals and their contribution to our ecosystem.

Meeru’s Coral Garden Live Webcam Feed showcases an “enthralling aquarium” as described by the visitors lives up to the excitement. The resort team successfully installed a web camera that captures the underwater coral garden beautifully situated in the island’s eastern part. Fans of Meeru Island Resort & Spa from all around the globe can view from the comfort of their homes through the webcam and be a part of the celebration.

On 8 June 2021, in celebration of World Oceans Day 2021, Meeru Island Resort team has prepared various activities for guests to participate. Discover more: Every Day Is World Oceans Day at Meeru Island Resort & Spa. A visionary that sets the standard towards achieving sustainability, Meeru Island Resort and Spa guarantees a beautiful and forgettable experience to all their guests.

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