Embrace the magic of Easter at CROSSROADs Maldives. Enjoy the warmth of the sun at the pearly white beaches and discover endless activities for your little ones with scavenger hunts, craft sessions, and fun family activities.

CROSSROADS Maldives is to be known as a friendly, fun, luxury place to spend vacations! CROSSROADs Maldives is currently celebrating Carnaval with a lot of fun as they get ready for the next event: Easter is right on the corner.

For a SAiisational Easter celebration at SAii Lagoon Maldives and an EGG-cited time at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives, the team is pleased to share with you those exciting programs for little ones and grown-up guests!

The Easter bunny is getting ready to amuse everyone and create timeless memories, so let’s spread the news together! Checkout the festivities calendar below: 

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