Male’, Maldives, 6th August 2022 – The Nautilus Maldives has introduced an all new spa journey to elevate guest experience. The resort – the only one in the Maldives to exclusively feature body treatments and massages from Maison Caulières – has collaborated with the brand to co-create a very special spa experience that blends the best of both worlds. Seeking to be a soothing home-away-from-home sanctuary, the resort hopes to give guests the best wellness experience possible and aid them with overcoming stress and emotional strain by providing the best level of comfort. 

Combining the resort’s ultra-luxe bohemian spirit with the French art of living, this spa experience involves a fusion of the The Nautilus’ Solasta Spa treatments with the pure, premium, all-natural products from Maison Caulières. Solasta Spa  prides itself on curating the most luxurious, indulgent, and reinvigorating spa journeys to spoil guests with the ultimate relaxation treatments. In this spirit, this multisensory spa experience is intended to bring wellbeing to guests looking for a sense of calm and healing, harmonising the body while re-energising the mind.

Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives

Andre Miethig, General Manager, said, “We are proud to be the exclusive partner of Maison Caulières in this idyllic part of the world; we’re the only private island resort in the Maldives to offer treatments by this iconic, family-owned French brand.” Maison Caulières offers something truly unique, with its rich history of 250 years and a commitment to using only local resources and natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. This has resulted in the highest quality, sensuous skincare products, born of a heritage described as ‘the French art of living and well-being .’ He shared this special collaboration was inevitable given how much the two brands’ visions resonate with each other; both share the same endeavour to offer people the finest products and wellness experiences to soothe them, and the commitment to ultra-luxury, natural sustainability and local heritage.

Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives
Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives

The exceptional spa experience will start as the sun starts to set, on a secluded sandbank accessible via a luxury yacht ride.  In a signature environment that only The Nautilus can offer, on warm sands, under a bohemian-chic canopy, the treatment will begin with an immersion into the Maldivian tradition of an exfoliating beach sand massage. Using Maison Caulières’s sugar gourmet body scrub of broom flower, honey, sugar and purest sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oil, expert therapists will gently exfoliate the guest’s body to revive, smoothen and moisturise the skin.

The scrub will be rinsed off with a dip in the warm Indian Ocean, and will be followed with an ultra-hydrating body wrap of fresh coconut milk, aloe vera, freshly grated coconut, honey, lime, lemon and rice flour. The body wrap will be gently rinsed off with refreshing Oshibori scented towels and Maison Caulières’ subtly scented moisturising body mist Envolée Légère, a fresh mint and fresh cut grass scented milky mist that prepares the skin for the pièce de resistance: a full body treatment fusing Maison Caulières’ signature massage with local muscle-relieving concoctions.

With a choice of pure French oil blends ranging from detoxing Vitamined Oil and comforting Protective Oil to Relaxing Oil and Toning Oil, guests undergo a deep tissue and stretching massage to ease tension and enhance circulation, while inhaling the heavenly scents of citrus or cedar, bergamot or broom flower, among countless other tones. Warm Maldivian herbal sand poultices – made from mineral-rich local sand steamed in seawater – are applied on the back to feed and soothe the skin, while stimulating metabolism, lowering body temperature and – of course – inviting the deepest relaxation.

Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives
Photo credits | The Nautilus Maldives

On emerging from the heavenly signature massage, guests are invited to unwind further with a selection of Maison Caulières’ warm herbal gourmet infusions. These draw on the unique beauty of the earth’s seasons, harnessing the healing properties of herbs to offer something perfectly matched to the guest’s mood and needs. To complement these soothing botanical blends, guests are served a delicious light spa meal: think Maldivian sea almond cake, savoury breadfruit chips and slices of roasted coconut harvested right on the island, with coconut honey cookies made with Maison Caulières sunflower honey, hand harvested from the Desforges de Caulières beehives in the heart of the Loire Valley Castles, Gardens of France.

Upon returning to the resort, guests will be presented with one final treat to complete their exceptional spa journey. They will be greeted with their abode’s comfortable ambience enhanced by the fragrance from their chosen Maison Caulières scented candle, and a warm candlelit bath saturated with some special extras: Maison Caulières’ Tourbillon Végétal infused oil and Nicolas bath salts with mint leaves. This is the ideal recipe for inducing sleep – and for finishing off a spa journey and intimate soirée in just the right way.

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