Male’ Maldives, 04th January 2023 – Local tour company Secret Paradise Maldives announced that from 01 January, 2023 they will be carbon offsetting all day tours and multi day tours featured on their website which are purchased online or directly with the business. In conjunction with Path Net Zero, the source of carbon emissions for each tour has been broken down into different areas based on the itinerary, suppliers used and the number of inclusions.

This includes accommodation, transport, meals, activities and any domestic flights that form part of each tour. The carbon output calculated for each tour is based on the worst-case scenario. Secret Paradise will offset carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits in conjunction with Path Net Zero. The carbon offset projects are Gold Standard and Verified carbon standard certified projects, which bring additional economic, social, and environmental benefits, including habitat and biodiversity protection. Secret Paradise states that this is just the beginning of the process and that they will be working with their suppliers to review and reduce further, including minimizing food waste, saving water, reducing electricity usage, using eco-friendly products and sourcing wherever possible local produce.

Photo Credits | Secret Paradise Maldives

Co-Founder / Director, Ruth Franklin commented “As a business we strive to protect the environment in which we operate and limit wherever possible any negative impact preserving this country’s unique location for generations to come. But we know we are not perfect and that we can always do better. In today’s world it is not only about making a social and environmental impact at a local level, it is also about striving to increase the positive impact we have on our planet. Travel in all its forms contributes significantly to global carbon emissions and that is why we have been researching and discussing how we can also make a difference in this area. We understand that carbon offsetting shouldn’t be viewed as a quick win to ease our conscience. But we do believe it is a positive step to assist in our efforts to protect the environment.  It will allow us to measure and understand our carbon footprint and take actions to reduce it.”

Path Net Zero’s carbon calculator platform is unique and tailored to the travel sector. It provides operators with the tool to measure the carbon footprint of individual trips and itineraries. The travel-specific contributors are conveniently aggregated, backed by certified global data and reported in a user-friendly platform.

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