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Male’ Maldives, 19th September 2023 – Lily Hotels, a name synonymous with luxury and hospitality which operates Lily Beach Resort & Spa and Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, is thrilled to showcase its new Seaplane Lounge and Luxury Vehicle at the Noovilu Seaplane Terminal. These innovative additions redefine the travel experience for guests, offering a perfect blend of comfort, entertainment, and culinary delights.

Ensuring the airport experience is flawless and easy, airport representatives in their signature black uniform of Lily Hotels, will guide you to counter C15, for both Lily Beach and Hideaway guests. After which, they will be escorted to Noovilu Seaplane Terminal in the Maldivian resort operator’s newly acquired Luxury Vehicle.

Photo Credits | Lily Hotels

Expertly created by international architects, the lounge aims to offer an oasis of serenity before guests travel to their destination. The space is made to be luxuriously minimalistic which exuding a relaxing vibe with its white and beige interiors, intricately crafted deco, and plush furnishing which allows for ample spaces for each group to stake as their own. With floor-to-ceiling windows well thought out amenities the lounge is a must for weary travellers.

The Lily Hotels Lounge promises guests opting for the ever so popular seaplane transfer – arguably the best way to travel between islands in the Maldives – an exceptional pre-flight experience like no other. Designed to elevate the journey before it even begins, the lounge boasts an array of world-class amenities.

A Haven for Relaxation:

The Lily Hotels lounge features two plush massage chairs that will melt away the stresses of travel, leaving guests refreshed and rejuvenated. After a long travel, these luxurious chairs are your ticket to ultimate relaxation.

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Entertainment at Your Fingertips:

For those seeking entertainment, the seaplane lounge is equipped with a gaming station. Whether you’re a parent looking to keep the children occupied during idle hours, or just looking to pass the time, this setup guarantees much fun and excitement whilst waiting for your next flight.

The football camp promises an immersive experience, offering participants a chance to enhance their technical abilities, develop their freestyle techniques, and gain insights into Marcel’s unparalleled journey in the world of Freestyle Football. A perfect opportunity for young children interested in the sport to gain some professional insight into the game and for parents to join in the fun with their loved ones.

For a complete schedule of the event, please visit here.

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Tantalising Culinary Delights:

The lounge offers a sumptuous spread of delicious pastries, fresh juices, coffees, and a selection of teas throughout the day in operating hours. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or a caffeine fix, there’s something for every palate.

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Rest and Recharge:

Feel at home in our rest area, thoughtfully designed for comfort. Catch up on emails, unwind with a good book, get your vacay go even smoother by checking in via the respective resort’s app, or simply enjoy a moment of solitude before your flight.

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Breathtaking Outdoor Seating:

For those who prefer the open air, our outdoor seating area offers exquisite panoramic views of the Noovilu Seaplane Terminal, and all the turquoise waters surrounding the area.  It’s the perfect spot to soak in the tranquillity of the Maldives before taking to the skies.

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The Lily Hotels Lounge at Noovilu Seaplane Terminal is open to all travellers, regardless of the airline or class of service. Lily Hotels invites all their resort guests who opt for seaplane transfer to experience a new level of travel luxury at this one-of-a-kind lounge.

Photo Credits | Lily Hotels

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