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Male’ Maldives, 18th November 2023 – After the glittering Diwali celebrations at her Mumbai residence, the illustrious Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty, alongside her husband Raj Kundra, and their two children, Viaan Raj Kundra and Samisha Shetty Kundra, embarked on a mesmerizing post-Diwali retreat. Accompanied by close friend Akanksha Malhotra Aggarwal and her family, the destination of choice was the exquisite Kuda Villingili Resort in the Maldives.

Nestled against the backdrop of pristine beaches and surrounded by turquoise waters, Kuda Villingili proved to be an unparalleled retreat, offering the Shetty-Kundra family a home away from home. The resort’s idyllic setting and top-notch amenities provided the perfect environment for the family to unwind and bask in the lap of luxury.

Shilpa Shetty found herself captivated by the scenic beauty of the Indian Ocean, engaging sunset cruises, and the diverse culinary experiences that became integral to her stay. The Spice restaurant, led by the expert guidance of the Qureshi brothers – Asif and Ijaz Qureshi, left an indelible mark with its standout dish, the ‘Stuffed Kulcha,’ becoming a personal favorite of the Bollywood star.

In Shilpa’s own words, “Kuda Villingili Resort truly stands out as one of the best resorts in the Maldives. The impeccable staff and the luxurious yet genuinely comfortable ambiance made us feel right at home on this beautiful island. Every moment of our holiday was truly enjoyable.” The exceptional culinary experience at Kuda Villingili, with over 12 diverse cuisines to savor, including the fantastic Indian restaurant Spice, left a lasting impression. Starting the day with healthy breakfast options at The Restaurant added a delightful touch to mornings. The resort’s massive swimming pool became the family’s go-to hangout spot, perfect for families seeking a blend of luxury and comfort. For Shilpa, Kuda Villingili wasn’t just a place to stay; it became the backdrop for lasting memories of an ideal family holiday filled with love and laughter, with plans to return soon.

Documenting her blissful experience on Instagram, Shilpa Shetty expressed gratitude for the warm reception, diverse breakfast choices, and her newfound love for mango sticky rice. The resort’s staff, known for their discreet hospitality, played a crucial role in ensuring a serene and secluded stay tailored for high-profile guests.

Shilpa, known for her iconic roles and impeccable style, showcased her beach glam in a stunning Shivan and Narresh halter midi dress, leaving her Instagram followers in awe with the hashtag #beachvibes.

Embracing the Maldivian ambience, Shilpa Shetty created enduring memories, from watching breathtaking sunsets on a cruise to indulging in the thrill of fishing. Her love for fishing trips in the Maldives became a highlight, deeming it an experience not to be missed.

Kuda Villingili Resort’s family-friendly atmosphere resonated with Shilpa, who shared heartwarming moments of her son Viaan radiating joy while enjoying ice cream. Viaan’s participation in a cooking class, where he made fried rice under the guidance of the hotel’s chefs, added to the family’s delightful experience.

The family spent quality time by the resort’s pool, the largest in the Maldives, and stayed in the three-bedroom residence – an ideal accommodation for families or large groups of friends.

The Maldives, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and unparalleled privacy, remains Bollywood’s preferred holiday destination. Kuda Villingili Resort’s unique combination of warm hospitality, breathtaking natural beauty, and exclusivity solidifies its status as the best-in-class retreat for high-profile family holidays, leaving Shilpa Shetty and her family with memories to cherish and an eagerness to return to this tropical paradise.

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