Male’ Maldives, 21st November 2023 – In a significant move to fortify its role in shaping the future of the aviation sector in the Maldives, the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) proudly announces the establishment of its Aviation Committee. This initiative follows MATATO’s call for applications earlier this year, inviting individuals with a keen interest in aviation to contribute their expertise to the committee.

The core objective of the MATATO Aviation Committee is to spearhead the development and enrichment of the aviation sector, with a specific emphasis on local agencies. The committee will focus on crucial aspects such as supervisory ground handling and airline ticketing, collaborating closely with all relevant stakeholders and government authorities to empower local agencies and elevate industry standards.

Underpinning MATATO’s commitment to unity, empowerment, and cooperation, the Aviation Committeewill play a pivotal role in propelling the travel and aviation industry of the Maldives forward. Recognizing

the significance of lobbying and advocacy, the committee will actively engage in these activities to champion the interests of local agencies and ensure a thriving business environment.

Key priorities for the MATATO Aviation Committee include:

1. Supervision Industry Protection: The committee is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of the supervision industry, advocating for a robust regulatory framework that benefits local agencies.

2. Competitive Rates for Local Agents: Through strategic lobbying efforts, the committee aims to secure competitive rates for local agents, fostering a fair and conducive business environment.

3. Education and Exposure Opportunities: The committee will explore opportunities to expose students to the dynamic aviation industry, promoting educational initiatives to cultivate future talent.

4. Inclusive Decision-Making: Local agents will be actively involved in discussion processes, ensuring an inclusive approach to decision-making within the aviation sector.

The MATATO Aviation Committee is honoured to announce the participation of industry experts Ahmed Arshad from Avia Maldives and Mohamed Mauroof from Get Into Maldives Travels. Both experts, selected from outside the current board, will bring valuable perspectives to the committee. Ahmed Arshad will serve as the head of the committee, providing leadership and guidance.

MATATO is confident that the establishment of the Aviation Committee will serve as a catalyst for positive transformation within the Maldives’ aviation landscape. By fostering collaboration, embracing innovation, and advocating for the interests of local agencies, MATATO continues to lead the way in advancing the travel and aviation industry.

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