Male’ Maldives, 5th December 2023 – Maldives National University (MNU) has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a teaching resort with the aim of becoming a globally recognized hospitality school. Dr. Mahmood Shaugy, the Chancellor of MNU, expressed concern about the limited participation of Maldivians in managerial roles within local tourist resorts. He emphasized the need for increased efforts to train and develop Maldivians for leadership positions.

Dr. Shaugy underscored the importance of providing more educational and training opportunities for the local population. The planned hospitality training resort is intended to cater to both local and international students.

In addition to this initiative, MNU is currently in the process of establishing a medical college in Hulhumale’. Dr. Shehenaz Adam, the Vice Chancellor of MNU, confirmed the news, citing the limited space at the current medical school premises located on the second floor of Dharumavantha Hospital. She emphasized the need for expanding facilities to accommodate a greater number of students and revealed that work on the new college has already begun.

The upcoming medical college is expected to include a hospital and other amenities for skill development in the medical field. Dr. Shehenaz noted that plans for both the college and the hospital have been finalized

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