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Male’ Maldives, 14th December 2023 – Six Senses Laamu has recently garnered several prestigious awards in acknowledgment of its steadfast dedication to sustainability, environmental preservation, and community involvement.

In the previous month, the resort achieved the following noteworthy accolades:

Aspire Sustainability Initiative of the Year

The luxury travel trade magazine Aspire bestowed upon Six Senses Laamu the “Sustainability Initiative of the Year” award. This recognition highlights the resort’s groundbreaking sustainability endeavors, particularly its commitment to marine conservation through the establishment of the SHELL (Sea Hub of Environmental Learning in Laamu). This initiative serves as a hub for marine science research and education, hosting ten marine biologists from the Maldives Underwater Initiative. The collaboration within the SHELL fosters innovation, education, and a responsible approach to marine conservation.

Maldives Ministry of Tourism Awards

Six Senses Laamu received two awards from the Maldives Ministry of Tourism—the “Community Engagement Award” and the “Environmental Sustainability Award.” These accolades acknowledge the resort’s significant contributions to engaging with local communities and building sustainable relationships. Initiatives such as installing water filters at community hubs, collaborating on sustainable development projects, and delivering education programs throughout Laamu Atoll underscore the positive impact on both the environment and the local population.

Skål Sustainable Tourism Award in the Marine and Coastal Category

Recognizing the resort’s commitment to sustainable practices and ecosystem protection, Six Senses Laamu earned the esteemed “Skål Sustainable Tourism Award” in the Marine and Coastal category. Skål International, a global network of tourism professionals, presented this award, highlighting the resort’s dedication to safeguarding the Maldives’ delicate ecosystems and engaging local and global communities through research and education.

Lawrence Menz, Director of Sustainability and Conservation at Six Senses Laamu, expressed, “These awards are a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of our team and partners, who continually empower and build the capacity of our local communities and promote tourism that is both sustainable and responsible.”

Marteyne van Well, Regional General Manager, Six Senses Maldives, added, “We are tremendously proud of the recognition we have received for our sustainability initiatives and community engagement efforts. We believe that responsible tourism is the only way forward, and we will continue to be at the forefront of initiatives that protect our environment, engage with local communities, and provide an exceptional guest experience.”

Six Senses Laamu is renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and marine conservation, aiming to preserve the stunning beauty and biodiversity of the Laamu Atoll.

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