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Male’, Maldives, 28th December 2023 – Architect Shigeru Ban has recently unveiled plans for the Infinite Maldives, aiming to seamlessly integrate the development into the Maldivian landscape through the use of timber and locally sourced materials.

Spanning across five hectares, the expansive resort will feature 44 villas positioned both on the beach and above water, connected by an extensive wooden boardwalk. These residences will surround four gardens designed by landscape architect Michael Desvigne.

Ban emphasizes the resort’s unique quality, stating, “What makes Infinite Maldives unique is that the resort blends in with the sea and the green nature in an ‘infinite’ manner.” The architectural approach involves minimizing transportation and energy consumption during construction by employing innovative prefabrication methods and prioritizing lightweight and recycled materials.

Beyond its visual integration, the project is positioned as a genuine endeavor in sustainability according to Ban, distinguishing it from developments that merely use “sustainability” as a commercial tag. He envisions the resort as a sanctuary where individuals can seek mental and physical relaxation in harmony with the environment.

Commissioned by the Crystal Property Group in Sri Lanka, the Infinite Maldives will offer an array of amenities, including a spa, fitness center, and wellness facilities. Each villa will feature private spaces, individual infinity pools, and outdoor lounging areas for residents’ enjoyment.

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