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Male’, Maldives, 31st December 2023 – Velana International Airport has recently bolstered its parking capabilities in anticipation of the approaching winter super peak, preparing to accommodate a surge in jet arrivals. Leveraging its newly constructed parking spaces, known as RAMP areas, Velana International Airport has taken a significant leap by now offering parking for a total of 68 jets—an unprecedented achievement in the airport’s history.

This notable upgrade highlights the efficiency and capacity enhancements realized through the allocation of fresh parking areas, specifically designated for General Aviation aircraft. Previously limited to handling only 39 aircraft, Velana International Airport ‘s expansion strategically placed new parking spaces in front of the new Fuel Farm and at the southwest corner, enabling the airport to simultaneously cater to 68 jets. The distribution of these parking slots is as follows:

– North Apron: 13

– East Apron: 26

– New GA Parking in front of Fuel Farm: 13

– New GA Parking South: 16

This expansion in capacity is credited to the proactive initiatives of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), which developed a 27,257-square-meter parking area on the southwest side and an additional 27,590 square meters of parking in the northern section, situated in front of the new fuel farm.

These strategic developments and expansions stand as a testament to MACL’s unwavering commitment to evolving operations and services, aiming to meet the surging demand for air travel to the Maldives, particularly during the winter peak season.

The enhancements in parking capacity at Velana International Airport is poised to accommodate the expected upsurge in jet arrivals, positioning the airport as an even more efficient and accommodating gateway for travelers during the bustling winter holidays.

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