Male’, Maldives, 2nd January 2024 – Accepting Özgür Cengiz’s invitation, Julia Ivankovich assumes the role of Global Wellness Day Ambassador for the Maldives. Acknowledging society’s increasing focus on health, Ivankovich aims to underscore the importance of mental well-being and the significant impact of negative emotions on various aspects of life.

Despite the Maldives’ reputation as a paradise, Ivankovich recognizes the universal pursuit of change and fulfillment. She believes that wellness is pivotal in this journey, offering mental clarity and guiding individuals to convert negatives into constructive forces.

Ivankovich stresses that wellness transcends personal well-being and extends to the support networks around us. Her overarching goal is to promote health, advocate for a balanced lifestyle, and establish harmony in areas such as diet, work, exercise, and daily routines.

Established by Belgin Aksoy in 2012, Global Wellness Day is an international social project dedicated to fostering a healthier and improved life. Celebrated on the second Saturday of June annually, it engages millions of people in over 170 countries through various activities.

Emphasizing health as the foundation of all pursuits, Ivankovich encourages a balanced combination of exercise, healthy eating, and inner peace. She invites everyone to embark on this journey together, suggesting simple actions like walking, staying hydrated, performing acts of kindness, and enjoying family dinners.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Global Wellness Day on June 8, 2024, Ivankovich calls for collective action and emphasizes the transformative power of positive change in the new year. She urges the global community to unite in embracing wellness, believing that deliberate, small steps can pave the way for a healthier and more balanced future.

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