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Male’, Maldives, 2nd January 2024 – Island Aviation Services Limited has issued an invitation for interested parties to submit proposals to provide an Airbus A330-220 on a dry lease basis for a targeted five-year period. The terms and conditions for this opportunity are detailed in the Request for Proposals (RFP).

This initiative is a response to the government’s commitment to facilitating direct flights beyond the borders of the Maldives. Maldivian, the national carrier operated by Island Aviation, is actively pursuing a dry lease for the specified Airbus A330-220.

The primary objective is to elevate direct flight services from the Maldives to international destinations. Under a dry lease arrangement, all operational expenses, including repairs, fuel, and crew costs, will be the responsibility of the lessee.

The invitation for proposals is open internationally, with the chosen aircraft slated for delivery in the latter part of the year. Interested parties must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the RFP, with a submission deadline set for 4:00 p.m. on 24 January.

The decision to seek a wide-body aircraft was prompted by the government’s recent announcement regarding the facilitation of direct flights through the national airline. Mohamed Shaheeb, spokesperson for the President’s Office, revealed on 17 December that the Cabinet had endorsed the initiation of direct flights to prominent tourist destinations. Plans include the expedited procurement of two aircraft, with financial support provided by the finance ministry. Notably, China has been singled out as a key destination in this strategic initiative.

The selected wide-body aircraft, boasting a passenger capacity of up to 275, aims to enable direct travel to distant destinations. Previously, Maldivian had utilized Airbus aircraft for flights to China and South Africa, incorporating transit routes due to the unavailability of long-haul capable vessels.

Maldivian’s current fleet comprises 14 vessels, including one Airbus A320 and two ATR aircraft. The remaining vessels consist of speedboats, with only Airbus A320s being deployed for international travel.

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