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Male’, Maldives, 16th January 2024 – As an integral part of the sought-after Fari Islands lifestyle concept, The Ritz-Carlton Maldives has actively promoted environmental education since its establishment in 2021. Positioned as an iconic destination in the Indian Ocean, the resort stands out as a hub of innovation in environmental conservation, entering 2024 with a renewed commitment to safeguard the natural world.

Drone Technology for Ocean Plastics Monitoring:

Led by resort naturalists and a forward-thinking research community, The Ritz-Carlton Maldives employs sophisticated drone technology for monitoring ocean plastics. In collaboration with British PhD researcher Melissa Schiele, the program focuses on identifying and removing discarded fishing nets (ghost nets) in and around the atoll. In 2023 alone, the resort’s efforts led to the removal of 19 ghost nets weighing approximately 1100kg, contributing to the preservation of the fragile marine ecosystem. The resort also successfully rescued and rehabilitated five olive ridley sea turtles entangled in abandoned nets, including the GPS-tracked release of ‘Muraka’ in August 2023.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Ambassadors of the Environment Program:

Hosting the Maldives’ inaugural Jean-Michel Cousteau Ambassadors of the Environment program, The Ritz-Carlton Maldives collaborates with the renowned oceanographic explorer to offer guest experiences centered on planet preservation. In 2023, the program planted 40 coral frames as part of a coral regeneration initiative, showcasing 25 frames as new habitats for ocean life near the resort’s welcome jetty. The resort anticipates Jean-Michel Cousteau’s visit in April 2024, promising an educational residency with exclusive guest experiences and Q&A sessions.

Community Footprints and Environmental Awareness:

Emphasizing environmental awareness for future generations, the resort’s Community Footprints program involves collaborations with local schools. In 2023, five educational excursions to islands, including Dhiffushi and Gaafaru, delved into topics such as ocean conservation, drone research, and wildlife observations. Additionally, the resort participated in ten global environmental dates, organizing beach clean-ups to address ocean debris on resort shores and neighboring islands.

Sustainable Operations for a Greener Future:

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, the resort focuses on renewable energy production, water purification, greywater treatment, and a robust composting program. Guests are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices with reusable glass water bottles, bamboo-based consumables, refillable amenities, and bamboo/stainless-steel straws. The resort’s desalination plant further reduces the reliance on imported plastic in the Maldives.

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