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Male’, Maldives, 8th April 2024 – Patina Maldives, the luxurious resort nestled in North Male’ Atoll, has reached the final round of The Luxury Travel Advisor’s annual contest, making it the only Maldivian property to achieve this prestigious recognition.

After rounds of intense voting, only two contenders remain in the contest. Readers of Luxury Travel Advisor have diligently cast their votes to propel their favorite hotels to the final round of this year’s knock-out style competition for the title of the Most Instagrammable Hotel in the World.

Patina Maldives emerged victorious in the southern hemisphere rounds, securing its place in the final showdown. Now, it faces off against Impression Isla Mujeres by Secrets in Mexico, the winner of the western hemisphere rounds.

Being the sole Maldivian property selected among the 64 hotels from around the globe in this bracket-style tournament is a testament to the allure and charm of Patina Maldives.

To support Patina Maldives and cast your vote, visit the voting page here.

Hurry, as voting closes on Monday, 8th April, at 7:00 pm local time.

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