Photo credits | SO/ Maldives

Male’, Maldives, 8th April 2024 – SO/ Maldives has achieved its inaugural accolade of the year by clinching the title of Architectural Design Resort – Luxury at the prestigious Liv Awards.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating world of fashion, SO/ Maldives provides guests with an experience akin to stepping onto a glamorous catwalk, where they are celebrated and enveloped in an ambiance of chic sophistication.

Nestled on an unspoiled private island surrounded by the enchanting Emboodhoo Lagoon, SO/ Maldives seamlessly merges serene seclusion with high-end elegance. The journey commences upon arrival, greeted by a breathtaking over-water pavilion that sets the tone for the resort’s aesthetic. Defined by clean lines, subtle hues, and natural timber elements, the resort offers a refined backdrop accentuated by bursts of vibrant colors and a striking red-latticed central staircase.

This sculptural centerpiece ascends from the Lobby Bar to the Specialty Restaurants, providing guests with a vertical runway experience as they bask in panoramic sunset vistas from either venue. Adorned walkways adorned with billowing fabrics and architectural timber canopies add a touch of drama to the lush island landscape, evoking the avant-garde styling synonymous with high fashion showcases.

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