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Male’, Maldives, 1st June 2024 – During the ‘Maldives Media Meet’ held at ATM 2024 in Dubai’s World Trade Center, Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal expressed Maldives’ ambition to become a global leader in tourism expansion. Minister Faisal highlighted the Maldives’ unique tourism model, which originated 50 years ago and is now admired worldwide. He emphasized the close collaboration between the government and the private sector to maintain the country’s tourism quality at the highest level.

Minister Faisal pointed out the recognition received by the Maldives in various categories, including being named the leading destination in the Indian Ocean, as evidence of its commitment to excellence. Despite the ever-changing landscape of the tourism industry, Minister Faisal noted the Maldives’ resilience and its ability to adapt to changes, especially evident in its thriving tourism sector post-COVID-19.

Highlighting the anticipated 6.5% increase in tourist arrivals this year, Minister Faisal emphasized its significance in achieving the goal of attracting 2 million tourists annually and increasing tourism revenue to USD 6 billion. He credited this growth to the dedication of industry leaders, hardworking employees, loyal tourists, and effective marketing strategies.

Minister Faisal further outlined ambitious plans to expand the transportation system in the Maldives to enhance the visitor experience. He particularly emphasized the upcoming opening of the new passenger terminal at Velana International Airport, which is expected to accommodate up to seven million passengers. Additionally, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s recent inauguration of a mega project to develop the main airport signifies the government’s commitment to infrastructure development.

Looking ahead, Minister Faisal concluded his remarks by expressing optimism about the future of tourism in the Maldives, stressing the importance of innovation and collaboration to ensure continued success in the industry.

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