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Male’, Maldives, 03rd July 2024 – Reethi Beach Resort recently commemorated World Oceans Day with a highly successful coral planting event in collaboration with Ocean Fanatics Maldives. The initiative aimed to educate and engage guests in proactive coral reef conservation efforts, emphasizing their critical role in the ecosystem.

Guests of all ages participated in hands-on activities, affixing coral fragments onto specialized metal structures under the guidance of Ocean Fanatics’ expert team. These structures were strategically placed in the resort’s house reef near Fonimagoodhoo island, fostering a deeper understanding of coral biology and the threats facing these fragile ecosystems.

Muneeb Mohamed, Manager of Ocean Fanatics Dive Center, underscored the significance of the project, highlighting coral reefs as vital to marine biodiversity and coastal protection. “Every coral planted today enhances the resilience of our oceans against climate change impacts,” Mohamed remarked.

This year’s World Oceans Day theme, “Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate,” resonated strongly as participants contributed directly to reef rehabilitation and environmental resilience. Coral reefs not only support marine life but also serve as natural defenses against coastal erosion and extreme weather events.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ocean Fanatics Maldives for this impactful event,” stated Waruna, Marketing and PR Manager at Reethi Beach Resort. “Our guests not only learned about conservation but actively contributed to the health of our local reef. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to responsible tourism and environmental stewardship.”

The event drew participation from families, diving enthusiasts, and environmentalists, highlighting widespread support for ocean conservation. Reethi Beach Resort’s ongoing efforts underscore their dedication to preserving the Maldives’ pristine underwater ecosystems for future generations.

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