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Male’, Maldives, 03rd July 2024 – This summer, Kuda Villingili has partnered once again with The Wave Project to introduce an inspiring initiative at Chickens Retreats: Soul Searching. Building on the success of last year’s collaboration, this partnership brings surf therapy to the pristine blue waters of the Maldives, aiming to support young people facing anxiety and low self-esteem through the therapeutic benefits of surfing.

Research underscores the profound impact of ‘blue spaces’ on mental health, surpassing even the benefits of green spaces. The Pan-European ‘Blue Health’ initiative, spanning from 2016 to 2020, highlighted that increased exposure to blue spaces correlates with enhanced mental well-being, physical activity, and a reduction in stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. Surf therapy, endorsed by the NHS in the UK, has emerged as a clinically recognized method, harnessing the psychological restoration provided uniquely by water activities.

Partnering with The Wave Project, renowned for its transformative work with young people through surfing, Kuda Villingili aims to leverage the Maldives’ stunning natural environment for therapeutic benefits. Located near the famed Chicken’s Break, known for its impressive waves, the resort offers an ideal setting for surf enthusiasts.

Soul Searching at Chickens Retreats will delve into the profound effects of ‘blue spaces’ on mental health, combining mindfulness practices, outdoor activities, and therapeutic surfing sessions. From yoga and meditation to exhilarating surf and paddle boarding excursions, guests are invited to immerse themselves fully in the Maldives’ serene blue spaces.

Scheduled from July 26th to August 26th, Soul Searching at Chickens Retreats promises a holistic retreat experience, inviting guests to explore and rejuvenate in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. For more details and booking information, visit Soul Searching at Chickens Surf Retreat.

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