As the Maldives reopens its international borders and welcomes all nationalities, Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), launches a new campaign “Rediscover Maldives…the sunny side of life”. 

It aims to strengthen the market presence to welcome back tourists once again, and all marketing activities will be carried out under one campaign tagline; “Rediscover Maldives…the sunny side of life” for the rest of 2020.

The campaign was launched in a virtual press conference on 15th July, by MMPRC. Top international media from 21 countries including the main source markets, China, Italy, India, Germany, Russia, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, participated in the live conference with almost 300 attendees in total.

The virtual press conference was translated into three languages in real-time as it was carried out; Chinese, Russian, and Korean. The conference ended with a Q&A session where the speakers clarified inquiries of journalists from around the globe.

In the opening statement, Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed, the Managing Director of MMPRC spoke about how the government and private sector have been working hard to ensure safety and hygiene standards for travelers in the new normal. He also mentioned that the Maldives is fully prepared to welcome back tourists and that the safety of tourists and staff is a top priority.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honorable Abdulla Shahid also spoke, stating that responding to COVID-19 has been tough but the Maldives has come back stronger and is a safe destination for all tourists and staff. In addition to that Minister of Health, Honorable Abdulla Ameen also expressed a sense of relief and excitement as we welcome back tourists. He also reassured that proper health and safety measures have been put in place around the country to ensure an enjoyable vacation for visitors.

The virtual conference and the campaign are amongst the first initiatives to promote the destination once borders are reopened. With the onset of tourism adapting to the “new normal” and under proper safety precautions, MMPRC has a variety of activities planned for the year. H.E President Solih has announced a target of 850, 000 visitors by the end of 2020.


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