According to travel expert Tim White, the Maldives, Dominican Republic and Oman – currently red list destinations are most likely to turn amber at the coming weeks traffic light travel update.

Whilst sharing his expert opinions on which holiday destinations are most likely to make drastic shifts from red to amber and vice versa – he mentioned that, “There are a number of countries with a very good chance of being removed from the red list this time. Dominican Republic and Maldives both have infection rates massively down from when they were put on the proverbial ‘naughty step’ and deserve amber status. Especially the Maldives where virtually all restaurants and bars are open air in resorts and there’s little threat.”

The proficient data analyst predicts that countries such as, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey are now “borderline candidates” who are applicable for removal from the red list. On the other hand – Jamaica is expected to be at a great risk as there have been an onslaught of new emerging cases. Although he commented that he is hopeful, stating that “Jamaica looked to be sailing close to the red list, but Covid cases dipped yesterday, so hopefully it will stay safe.”

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