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Male’, Maldives, 9th May 2022 – Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences is proud to share its eco-credentials have been given a further seal of approval, with its acceptance into Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection. This makes it the only resort in the Maldives to become a member of the Considerate Collection – an ethos-driven standard for boutique hotels that go the extra mile to be greener.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) curated the Considerate Collection list from its partner hotels to help guests make informed choices when booking their holidays. As such, SLH’s Considerate Collection only includes hotels that have made genuine and quantified efforts towards becoming more sustainable. Amilla Maldives Resort’s elevation to Considerate Collection status comes within weeks of the announcement of it joining SLH, a group which handpicks partner hotels that demonstrate an independent spirit. 

Hotels and resorts within SLH’s Considerate Collection are chosen only if they meet the highest standards of SLH’s Sustainability Criteria, aligned with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) framework. To become a member, they must either achiev a GSTC-recognised certification or pass an assessment by SLH’s Sustainability Advisory Panel, with independent and impartial review by the GSTC. They are visited, vetted, and verified against these criteria and other quality goals before a decision is passed.

Amilla’s Sustainability and Wellness Mentor, Victoria Kruse, remarked how incredibly good this news is for them, especially as no other resort in the Maldives is in this collection. “It is a culmination of the hard work of our whole team in reaching for and achieving the sustainability goals we enacted 2 ½ years ago,” she shared.

Victoria and her husband, Jason Kruse, took over the helm just over two years ago. Since then, they have initiated around 30 different sustainability projects at Amilla Maldives, ranging from homegrown organic ingredients for the kitchens to regenerating the house reef and protecting nesting sites of the beautiful long-tailed tropicbirds, which normally only nest on uninhabited islands but found a safe haven amongst the pristine jungle of the naturally lush private island.  resort. 

Amilla Maldives’ efforts and the feat they have achieved is commendable. It is a testament to the direction the Maldives is headed in as it actively works to promote sustainable tourism policies and projects and emphasise the importance of environmentally-friendly practices. 

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