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Male’ Maldives, 18th October 2022Due to the recent increase in incidents related to water-based activities, Ministry of tourism has  once again reminded all tourist facilities to be vigilant and take precautionary measures especially in relation to swimming, snorkeling, diving and other water-based activities.

In this regard, the Tourism Ministry has asked to

1) Conduct general safety briefing during guest check-in and detailed safety briefing before commencing any water-based activity. 

2) Conduct regular trainings and awareness session for staff involved in water sports activities and remind them to be cautious. 

3) Encourage staff to adhere to work safety protocols and conduct regular training on safety aspects. 

In this opportunity ministry of Tourism has appreciated the management for all tourist facilities for the continued support and cooperation extended all times to create a safe and secure environment for all tourists and staff working in the industry. 

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