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Male’ Maldives, 10th August 2023 – In a significant shift, China has surged ahead of Russia to claim the top spot as the largest contributor of tourists to the Maldives in July, as indicated by data released by Maldives Immigration. For the month of July, the Maldives welcomed a total of 145,620 visitors, marking an impressive 9% surge compared to the same period last year.

Delving into the statistics, it’s evident that Chinese tourists constituted a substantial portion, accounting for 28,134 arrivals. Russia secured the second spot with 17,683 arrivals, followed closely by India with 11,963 visitors.

The realm of Chinese tourism encountered challenges due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a resurgence in momentum was observed from January onwards. Currently, three prominent Chinese airlines have resumed operations to the Maldives, facilitating smoother journeys for travelers. Notably, even before the pandemic, China had already established its status as the largest singular contributor of tourists to the Maldives.

Key highlights from July include a peak day with the highest influx of arrivals, reaching 5,644, an average daily arrival of 4,854 tourists, and the lowest recorded day registering 3,879 arrivals. Adding to the picture, recent figures provided by the tourism ministry reveal a cumulative count of 1.17 million tourists who have explored the Maldives this year.

In the year 2023, the primary driving forces behind Maldives’ tourism are China, Russia, and India, in that order. This transformation in travel dynamics underscores the enduring impact of China on the Maldives’ tourism sector, shaping the way individuals explore these stunning islands.

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