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Male’, Maldives, 13th September 2023 – Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) is proud to announce a significant milestone with the addition of two DHC-6 Twin Otters to our already impressive fleet, solidifying our position as the World’s Largest Seaplane Fleet. The 63rd aircraft in our fleet gracefully touched down at Velana International Airport on September 12, 2023, and we eagerly await the arrival of the 64th aircraft in the Maldives in the days to come.

Our commitment to offering unparalleled connectivity and unforgettable experiences across the pristine Maldivian archipelago remains unwavering. As we gear up for the upcoming peak tourist season, set to commence in October, TMA is dedicated to connecting paradise-bound travelers to their dream destinations. Our expanding fleet is a testament to our flexibility in meeting the dynamic demands of the flourishing tourism sector, growing hand in hand with the surge in resorts and the ever-increasing demand for exceptional travel experiences.

Having transformed the tourism landscape of the Maldives over the past three decades by pioneering point-to-point connectivity, we take pride in our pivotal role that has not only reshaped travel experiences but also catalyzed the growth of resort developments beyond the Male’ atoll. As TMA celebrates its 30-year milestone, our legacy is deeply intertwined with the journey that has firmly established the Maldives as a globally acclaimed Island Holiday Destination.

Excitingly, TMA is set to initiate operations in the southern atolls outside the current seaplane zone, covering Laamu and Gaafu Alifu atoll this October, further expanding our comprehensive reach. This expansion ensures that even more guests can explore every corner of the Maldivian paradise with unrivaled convenience.

At TMA, our dedication to safety, reliability, and personalized services lies at the heart of our success story. We take pride in being the preferred mode of transportation for tourists exploring the Maldives. Our comprehensive array of tailored services, including scheduled flights, private charters, photo flights, excursions, and medical evacuation flights, caters to the diverse needs of our esteemed clientele.

With the continuous expansion of our fleet and elevated service standards, TMA is confidently poised to meet the ever-growing demands of the tourism industry while nurturing trust and confidence among our guests who rely on TMA as their Gateway to Paradise!

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