Male’ Maldives, 29th October 2023  – IMTM is delighted to announce the upcoming fourth edition of the Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) 2023, scheduled for December 11th and 12th, 2023. This year’s forum centers around the theme “Green Investments and Innovations for Responsible Tourism: Paving Path for a Greener Future”. It is set to be a dynamic and influential event focused on meaningful actions and collaborations that will shape a greener, more responsible future for the tourism industry.

The central aim of STF 2023 is to uncover and consolidate impactful actions and partnerships that drive a greener, more responsible future in tourism. The forum seeks to raise awareness about the unique vulnerabilities of the Maldivian tourism sector in the face of climate change, while also providing context for the adverse impacts of climate change and development on the long-term sustainability of the sector. Furthermore, it endeavors to create a platform for dialogue among key stakeholders, including international partners, the government, and the local community. It will engage in discussions about public policies, regulations, and legislative frameworks that have an impact on sustainable tourism in the Maldives and showcase best practices aimed at enhancing the islands’ resilience against climate change. In addition, the forum aims to identify connections between science, technology, innovation, and traditional knowledge, and provide an academic forum for debating the integration of climate science into tourism planning and implementation. It will also share best practices and lessons learned on both national and international fronts, establishing and strengthening networks to foster innovation and collaborative approaches in support of sustainable tourism. Finally, STF 2023 seeks to support climate activism and set a benchmark for future national and regional forums.

STF 2023 is a gathering of diverse stakeholders, encompassing local and international participants, the Maldivian government, independent institutions, NGOs, relevant scientific and academic organizations, professionals in the fields of environment, marketing, and finance, as well as students. 

This forum is tailored for individuals and organizations with a strong commitment to shaping the future of sustainable tourism. It brims with potential, promising a diverse range of outcomes that will significantly influence the trajectory of sustainable tourism.

STF 2023 has a multifaceted agenda. It seeks to drive the tourism industry toward a more responsible and sustainable future by catalyzing impactful actions and fostering collaborations. Moreover, the forum will yield a meticulously crafted policy paper filled with crucial findings and recommendations, influencing policy and strategy by sharing it with key government and industry entities. Additionally, STF 2023 will feature a compilation of inspiring sustainability stories that highlight best practices and promote positive change. A comprehensive proceedings report will be made available on the IMTM website and shared with stakeholders. To amplify their impact, STF 2023 will launch a compelling social media campaign that targets both businesses and tourists, furthering the cause of sustainable tourism.

IMTM invites all interested parties to participate in the fourth edition of the Sustainable Tourism Forum (STF) 2023, taking place on December 11th and 12th 2023. Register now and be part of the movement to create a greener, more responsible future for the tourism industry.

For media inquiries and further information, please visit the official IMTM website at or contact the organizing team at [email protected]

Stay tuned for updates, insights, and sustainability stories as we pave the path for a greener future in tourism.

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