Male’ Maldives, 6th November 2023  – Tourist arrivals in the Maldives for October surged by 13.1% compared to the same period last year, per data from the Tourism Ministry. Last year, 1.34 million tourists visited, while this year saw 1.52 million tourists during October, marking a 13.1% increase. The daily update report also shows more than 150,000 tourists visited in October, a 3.5% rise compared to the previous year.

Monthly tourist arrivals for 2023 are as follows:


  • January: 172,499 tourists
  • February: 177,915 tourists
  • March: 173,514 tourists
  • April: 164,357 tourists
  • May: 120,959 tourists
  • June: 120,363 tourists
  • July: 145,620 tourists
  • August: 154,854 tourists
  • September: 130,967 tourists
  • October: 159,141 tourists

The majority of visitors are from Russia, with over 170,000 Russian tourists having arrived this year. The countries with the highest arrivals are:

  • Russia: 174,663 tourists
  • India: 164,471 tourists
  • China: 163,708 tourists
  • UK: 122,614 tourists

On average, approximately 5,000 tourists visit daily, staying for seven days. The Maldivian government aims to welcome 1.8 million tourists this year, and it’s on track to achieve this goal, given the current daily arrival rate. Last year, they reached their target of 1.6 million tourists ten days before year-end.

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