Male’, Maldives, 21st August 2022 – The national carrier of Kuwait, Kuwait Airways, has announced it will begin operating direct flights to the Male’, Maldives, effective 31st October 2022.

The airline will reportedly launch two weekly flights to the Maldives. These flights will be operated via the commercial aircraft, Airbus A320 Neo.

Photo credits l Kuwait Airways

The Kuwait Cabinet initially disclosed the plan to commence flights to the Maldives last year, following the removal of the pandemic restrictions.

The Middle East is a large market source for the Maldives, with visitors increasing. UAE, Saudis Arabia and Kuwait are the top countries from this region. Kuwait Airways is amongst the latest Western Asian / Middle Eastern airlines to begin operating flights to the Maldives. UAE’s Wizz Air is set to launch flights to the Maldives in early October.

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